lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

Shady Sarikaya

Sometimes shit happens, and this time at the beggining of the month the Kalymnos trip had to be cancelled, what doesn't means that climbing has stopped.

Even if the lasts three days has been raining, last month, the heat has increased a lot. Kaynaklar sectors where we were developing our activity, now are like a fucking furnace and is practicaly impossible to climb without the sensation that you are slipping even if you are holding a jug. Luckly Izmir has more to offer than Kaynaklar. Just at the north-west of the city before arriving to Manisa, there is a windy place called Sarikaya where you can find shady sectors before one o'clock and where despite being in Turkish May/June you should be prepared to be cold.

Sarikaya is basically an endurance limestone crag with routes about 20 to 45 meters long, where you can find climbs from 6b to 8b being 7's the most common grade. Maybe at first the rock can seem a bit fragile and broken, but the quality and the movment of some of the routes will make any visit being awarded with a perfect climbing day. 

In Sarikaya I invested my last four climbing days, where I did various routes between 6b to 8a, for which i would remark Kybele 7b+/7c in two tries which felt really hard for the grade, Karnivor 8a in 5 or 6 tries which is basically a good powerfull endurance testpiece that also Gamze sent after an impresive fight, and Dharma 8a in 3 tries despite i'm not sure if it's really an 8a or a 7c+. Anyways for me was the best of the three and the one that I enjoyed more :)  

Now it's time to finish my last 4 days of class here, and then being prepared to see where i can go in my last 23 days here in Turkey before returning to Catalonia.

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