martes, 14 de julio de 2015

Recovered and climbing a muerte

Its been a long time since I writed my last post. After the Catalan Championship I've got injured so I even if I was feeling super strong I had to stop around 2 months. I really don't know what I really had on my finger, but the pain was there when I was trying hard routes so was better to take a little rest. Finally after a long time, and thanks to the "Saint Félix Obrador's" needle Theraphy I can finally say I'm totally recovered, pulling from little one and two finger pockets again without any fear!
Also during the recover I sended and tried routes everywhere, and also did one first ascent!
In cuenca I did Valle de rosas 8a/+ in two tires, Traga bonita traga 8a also in two at 40º, Natural mystic 7c+ in two, and flashed Endogamía 8a that probably is more like a 7c+.

In Peñapuerta, did the first ascent of a 2nd pitch with an unkown name that was like 7c or 7c+ or something similar. Also I sent a crimpy 8a also without name in 3 tires.
In two different visits in Rodellar, I did "el corredor de la muerte" 8a, the king line "Mal de amores" 8a+ (Maybe 8a), and flashed "Pince sans Rire" 7b+. Also I was pretty close on Gladiator but finally I wasn't lucky enough.
In valdegovía, in two different visits I onsighted 3 7c's, Piernodoyuna (that Ines Flashed), 3 de marzo, Calamidad, and did Supercalamidad written as 8a but sincerely it's not more than a 7c/+ in my second go after missing the onsight as a fool. Also Aluminosis 8a+/8b in 5 tires and Kroma presas 8a in two (more like 7c+), went down!

Finally this last week I have been in céüse where I sended Encore 8a+ (maybe 8a) and Dolce Vita 8a+. Also I've been pretty close on a super hard 8a+ called Ratman, but finally the lack of time and rest made desist on my tries. Next time I will crush it!

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