lunes, 30 de marzo de 2015

4th in the Catalan Climbing Championship 2015

Two weeks ago took place the 2015 Catalan Climbing Championship near my hometown, in Vic, so even if now i'm living in Madrid, I couldn't skip the oportunity of taking part on it. I went there with an injured finger, totally out of pressure, with the idea of only participating and meeting some friends that I didn't seen for a while, and surprising myself I passed the qualifications first tied with Ramonet, as we where the only ones to Top the three routes.

Overview of the comp Photo: Quim Hernandez
At the afternoon the finals started with an amazing crowd giving support and it made me get a little bit nervous, so when I when out of the isolation route I just tried to stay calm, climb as much high as I could and enjoy the try. I didn't know where the others fell exactly, the only thing I knew was that there were some of them FAR Stronger than me so my objective was to give the best of me. 

Initializing the second sloppy crux
Just I started  the route I was quite nervous because from the visualitzation round the holds seemed bad and sloppy, even that they where not that bad so at every move I was doing, better and more relaxed I was feeling so I passed the first half of the wall witout not much problems until an undercling rest. From there the route was getting progressively harder, with a hard hands matching on the second roof, follwed by a lateral dyno into a good reception hold. From there an easy clip, to start a second crux section where we had to match hands in a very sloppy volume, hold the body balance without slip, and continue with two undercling moves traverse on the very top. It was in the second undercling where I matched and I tried to clip, but I got that pumped that I couldn't.. I tried to shake hands there but I wasn't able to recover anything so I tried to dyno to the next hold but my hand got open and I fell.

Finally I got a 4th place, just with one hold of diference between the 3rd and 2nd! So the podium was really close! As we are used to Ramon won the competition without any problem, being the only one that passed this move falling taking the top hold, and showing the difference why he's world champion. So much to learn!
Now I'm just motivated to recover my finger and continue training harder for the next objectives!

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