viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015

Rolling around central Spain

It's been a long since I writed my last post. It doesn't mean I'm not climbing or anything. I've been more motivated than ever. The problem is that since I moved to Madrid I didn't had enough time to post anything until today.

Giving a close try on Encore 8a+, Ceüse
Sending Mediterráneo 8a, Sella

I could write a long list of projects, routes and places I have stayed since I returned from Turkey. Sella, Cuenca, Ceüse, Margalef, Montgrony, Montserrat, Ariege ... All of them world class places to write from where you won't gonna return upset... Even that, it would get boring and long to tell all the trips one by one so I will skip it simply posting few photos from the routes I tried hehe ...

Testing my "slabclimber" skills on Pengim Penjam, 8c, Sant Miquel

Climbing Al-Jazeera 8a at night, Calders
Just Stay Updated, for upcoming posts ;)

4 comentarios:

  1. Eiii Marc !!
    Merci per penjar el blogg de can bartomeu al teu blogg.
    A veure si vens un dia i escalem plegats !!
    Ens veiem makina!

    1. Un dia que volti per aquí m'heu d'enganyar i portar-me per aquesta zona de boulder tan genial que heu obert!

      Vinga Salut!

  2. Bones animal!!!
    Ara per Madrid??? No pares de voltar bou, i d'escalar!!!!
    Bona aquesta i no paris!! sempre ben amunt!!!!

    P.D.: Les fotos son increibles...

    1. Sí, qui ho havia de dir jeje
      La qüestió es escalar i no parar tal i com sempre as fet tu!

      Aviam si ens veiem algun dia!

      Salut met!